Empowering Mums through Image, Beauty and Style

We created a platform for mothers from all walks of life through Workshops, Master Classes and Consultation sessions focused on inspiring and encouraging Mums. Our mission is to help Mums enhance their self-image and self-esteem through a self-exploration of who they really are and where they want to be.

An image is a powerful tool yet simple to remember. It consists of A, B, C, D.

Appearance, Behaviors, Communication and Digital footprint.

Our expertise is not limited to homemaker Mums. With 20 years of experience in the corporate world, we are strategically positioned to advise working Mums too. We understand your need to have a balanced life, dress with confidence and help you build a strong and successful Personal Brand.

Come and join our community of empowered Mums with real stories and real lives. We believe that an Empowered woman can only empower other women.

Proven styling methodologies

Our methodologies and techniques have been adopted from the Sterling Style Academy, New York, USA – one of the most renowned Image and Professional Style consulting institutions in the world.

Our services are geared to provide mums with the best know-how in the fields of Image, Beauty and Style.  

We also offer a premium selection of beauty bundles dedicated to enhancing your assets. Our products are handpicked and tested to provide immediate, superior results – to ensure a powerful first impression. After which, to ensure that the first impression also lasts almost forever, our image and styling expertise kicks in.

It’s how we help bring mums back into the limelight. If mothers know best, we know what’s best for mothers.

An inspiring labour of love

At Mums First, this is our core area of expertise: To make you look beautiful, confident and successful – radiating positive energy.

And how do we achieve this? By taking charge of your complete image including your lifestyle. We invest time, research and reflection in your Personal Brand.

We mothers undergo major changes throughout our lives. A lot of it has to do with our bodies. Factors like pregnancy, post pregnancy, age and lifestyle variations subject us to rapid changes. And all of which have a bearing on how we look, depending on which phase we are in at the moment.

Our experts will assist you in identifying your image as real women with real bodies, real jobs and real concerns.

Specializing in what works for you

While the world of Image consultancy is full of fashionable options and variables, we focus only on what works to enhance your Style. We bring you style solutions and visual enhancements tailored to answer your specific needs as a Mum.

With our solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. For us, every woman is beautiful no matter what style or size.

To look good you must always feel good from the inside out.

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